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Client’s Frequenty Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions I often get from my radio audience or that they get from their broker or financial advisor!


I Heard and Read on the Internet That Annuities are Bad.

I hear this all the time, so here is the real answer. Annuities aren’t bad - but there are bad annuities. There are also bad sales folks out there, who, as in any industry, only seek the highest commission. An annuity, If designed properly - with no fees and structured to be safe (never losing any principal) - can be a great addition to your portfolio.

Check out this short video from Tom Hegna, Economist, Author, PBS Host Of “Don’t Worry, Retire Happy.” I am contributing author for his book “Pay Checks and Play Checks.”

Addressing Consumer’s Objections to Annuities

There are a Bunch of Hidden Fees in Annuities.

Our Fees are optional, their fees are mandatory. All our fees are disclosed in bold print, many of their fees are hidden or buried in a 100 page prospectus.

Many of the annuities we design have absolutely no fees.

Wharton Study Research – Here’s What the Research Says about Lifetime Income Annuities

You Don’t Get All the Market Gains.

True, but you also don’t participate in any losses. You never lose your principal. If market goes down 30-40% as in 2008 you stay and hold. We say zero is your hero. You only go up or side ways and never give back any gains.

If you lose 30% you will need almost a 43% gain just to get back where you started or even.

Math and Science Interview – January 2021

I don’t want to tie my money up for that long.

Where is your retirement money now? Its in a 401K, IRA or Bank in a holding pattern. The question is it doing to provide you with Guaranteed Lifetime Income? Or are you hoping it will be there when you need it? Get it out of the Wall Street Casino and into a safe place.

Here what your ex broker or ex financial advisor will say when you break up with them!

“I have a product that will do the same thing!”

If they do, and usually they don’t, why did they wait until now to show it to you? Are the only acting in your best interest when they are losing your account?

I can do better in the market?

Yes the market has had a good 11 year run but what goes up will come down. Are you prepared for another market correction?

Look at the graph on our annuities page!

Why Every Investor Needs an Annuity NOW!

Annuities are not Liquid.

Bad information as you can always take out 10% of your money if needed. However, annuities are designed for long term retirement income. They are the only vehicle that can give you Guaranteed Life Time Income.

What is your financial advisor or Broker really afraid of!

Its all about the MONEY! You see your messing with his or Her rice bowl. The second you move your money from their risky accounts to SAFE accounts, they stop collecting fees. And these fees which are many times hidden will eat away at your portfolio in a huge way.

Isn’t it time to stop paying high fees? Paying them even when they are losing your money!

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